Are you looking for long-lost relatives on Gotland? Or would you like to visit your ancestral birthplace? If you know that your ancestors came from Gotland and you want to visit the island, you've come to the right place!

My family and I own and run the Hotell St. Clemens right in the middle of the World Heritage town of Visby. Over the years we have had many guests from USA and Australia who have come to Gotland in search of their roots. We have often wished that we had had prior information so we could have helped

them to find places of interest and perhaps even booked a visit to their forefathers' farm.
Finding places, searching the archives, church records and population registry all takes time.

We are happy to announce that we have now established a large network of people who can offer our guests from afar a more comprehensive, memorable stay on Gotland.

Welcome to get in touch and enlist our services!
Annabritta von Schulman
Managing Director