Genealogical and Place research with prices

Step 1

Send us an e-mail with your known details and what you would like to find out and we will make an estimate of the prospects and time involved and get back to you with a proposal on what we can proceed with as well as a cost estimate. This service is free of charge since we decide at this point if we can be of assistance. If this is deemed possible, it is up to you to decide if we should proceed with investigations from here.

Step 2

We try to find information about places, for instance farms and graves and, if possible, family relatives still living on Gotland.
Price: starting at 8,000 SEK to max 15,000 SEK.

Step 3

We set up a suggested itinerary with a map and program for your visit to Gotland.
Price: 7,500 SEK.

Step 4

We organise your stay especially for you, book visits and personally guide you around the island.
Price: 15,000 SEK per day.